Aug 28

Technical English Teachers

Technical English Requires Technical Skills

Most people who want to improve their English skills have reasons beyond just becoming a better English speaker. For people who are studying English with a technical purpose it’s important that your teacher can understand your specialties. Our company and background has worked with corporations to help their executives

technical English teacher, Technical english web content

Technical English like this project for computational fluid dynamics separate us from most English service companies.

and their online marketing content produce English that is smooth, sells, and works for search engine optimazation.

Engineering English

Many clients of English are engineers who need to communicate clearly in English. For engineers looking for an English teacher, AEC can help. Our founder has a background in building engineering and architecture along with heating, ventilation and air conditioning, HVAC. Having an English teacher and business assist company with some understanding of your technical English needs can make a huge difference in the speed
that you master the technical English of your field.

Aug 21

Instant English Contact

English Help 24/7

These and many other systems  we  use to be in

These and many other systems we use to be in

We live in an instant contact world and Advanced English Conversation (AEC) understands that. We are constantly available for clients for English services. Whether you need clarification on technical documents or help in preparation of a presentation, we can connect via the latest conferencing technologies.

The Time of Travel is Gone

There is no reason to meet face to face for every English lesson. The quality of our technology, and connections insures no technical glitches and clear communication with our clients via web communications. Knowing we are a phone call or an email away is adding another tool into your personal power as a business executive.

Online English Lessons

For your personal online English consultants and advisiors, give AEC a call today. Beyond English services we also provide personal executive development and life coaching services. Some of our clients come from the largest corporations in the world.


Aug 21

Mobara, Chiba English Teacher

Mobara, Chiba English Teacher

AEC does have opportunities for private English teacher lessons in Mobara, Chiba. TOEIC or TOEFL preparation, English conversation, and translation services are available. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and class information.

Students, business people and people preparing to travel abroad can all benefit from our English conversation and English test preparation programs. We can teach younger children but our preference is junior high students and above. We guarantee satisfaction in our system and we guarantee confidence for English from our students. This is our AEC difference. We teach English to the mind and confidence to the spirit.

For English lessons and a private English teacher in Mobara, Chiba please contact us for a first time “Hello”.

May 31

Waseda Prep’s English Poof Show

It’s easy to notice this advertisement in front of one of Japan’s leading cram schools, Waseda Prep School.
I may not be able to articulate this perfectly, there is something juvenile about this picture and the message it sends to parents and students of English in Japan.

On the surface this add seems cool,  a student receiving a letter from Time magazine. I’ll ignore the fact that print Time is probably near extinction and try to see the rational for this photo getting such a prominent spot in front of Waseda Prep.

On the face of it I will admit that the ad does have a co-branding appeal that probably influences parents. But this is a bit pathetic because the letter is not much of a step above what a child might receive from Time praising them for reading a  ”grown up” magazine. For Waseda Prep to elevate a letter like this into the status of almost a royal  decree I view as  beneath them.  The fact that it is apparently not beneath them reveals the still low, almost juvenile standards and evaluations of  advanced English and English conversation that still remain in 2013 Japan.

A letter from Time commending Waseda Prep gets top billing at Waseda Prep School

A letter from Time apparently is a major achievement for Waseda Prep School in the form of a billboard in front of the school

Now learning from this, what would be impressive is if Waseda Prep School students were getting articles or editorials published in Time magazine. Publishing or blogging in English needs to be  the contemporary standard  prep schools like Waseda  can strive to, not a “thank you for reading our magazine” letter. That type of English competency requires a more cohesive English education system than what currently exists in Japan.

Beyond the simple marketing strategy of the ad  the condescending nature of it insults  parents who will write the checks, the English teachers of Waseda Prep and the students themselves. The days of Japanese being impressed at speaking a few words of English are over. 2013 is finally the time for Japan and other nations to work toward Advanced English skills and conversation competencies, not a thank you note.

May 19

English and Change

According to the tenants of The Book of Change there is only change and rest in life. Certainly the business world is in the middle of a significant change as capitalism develops the last frontier, economic borders.

The Book of Change Speaks of only Change and Rest. English is change.

The Book of Change Speaks of only Change and Rest. English is change.

The Language of Change is English

The move to a one World economic system marches on and the language of this change is English.

For your career English skills and your outputs have never been more important. I don’t particularly like this but there is little profit in fighting the wave. Business is a steam roller that is fueled with the power of the InstantE World. We use the same tools that business uses so we can provide instant language and business support. The instant services we can provide for an executive less than 100% confident in his or her English skills can mean the difference between being a good and great leader.

Improving or maximizing your English is one of the ways I support executives. For some, there is interest in exploring more within the wave of change. Like your English progress, step by step we work together to help you in your burning desire to advance in your career. Business is changing and the way executives use personal consultants is changing as well. Consider beginning a discussion with *AEC* about English, change or any advanced English conversation. This is fueling business.

May 17

Heart of a Samurai Author Presents in Japan

American author Margi Preus’s Heart of a Samurai tells the story of one of the first Japanese masters of English, Jon Manjiro. At a young age Manjiro was shipwrecked and rescued by whalers. He was taken to America where he became highly educated and eventually made his way back to Japan where he influenced the development of Japan in the early 20th century.

Margi Preus and Peter at Book Event in Japan

Margi Preus and Peter at Book Event in Japan

While discussing with Ms. Preus the inspiring story of Manjiro I thought of the importance his English skills were to his entire country. It is not a far reach to think that the strengthening of your English skills, while helping your career, could also help a country. Doors opened for Manjiro when he returned to Japan because of his English fluency. The same can be said in business. Right or wrong, your English ability will open or close doors for you as you climb in your organization. At *AEC* we help global executives with confidential English support, training, and other services with the goal that English should not stop great leaders from getting to the top.

John Manjiro’s English was a tool to lead him to greatness. Don’t let a lack of confidence or skills in English keep you from your own greatness. For those executives and artist that strive for greatness, Advanced English Conversation may be the perfect career fit to assist you with English related challenges that must not stop you.

May 16

English Glass Ceiling and Career Advancement

Don’t Let English Stop You From the Top

The term “glass ceiling” is a term used to describe a limit of career advancement for executives. Usually it is used for people that fit into a certain “category”. For the most part, discrimination or “glass ceiling” limitations based on race, sex, or religion have been eliminated in most international corporations. But the glass ceiling for business executives that have less than perfect English speaking skills is not going away anytime soon.

Don’t let less than perfect English skills keep you from your dreams of career advancement. English fluency has a lot to do with familiarity of a particular subject. Mastering the vocabulary or vernacular of your field can hide a lack of English fluency. We believe we provide a needed service as a trusted and confidential English support system for your presentations, speeches, correspondences, emails or any situation where perfection is needed.

Practice Makes the Perfect CEO

Less than perfect English skills limiting talented executives is really a sad situation. Leaders are leaders. Great thinkers are great thinkers. Doers are doers. But in 2013 English is king for international business and career advancement. Working with Advanced English Conversation even for an hour a week in complete confidentiality can make a huge difference in your English skills. For general conversation or technical mastery we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At your service.

Recognize and admit your weakness. Together we can turn it into a strength.

Don’t let the English glass ceiling limit your career advancement. Contact us and put the unique services of *AEC* in your career toolbox as an on demand English support service to keep you looking and sounding like the leader you can be.